Meade County Visioning Feedback Survey - Attention Meade County Residents… 

The Meade County Commissioners have been doing research on the energy efficiency of Meade County facilities this past year.  Their findings has resulted in a vision to renovate and retrofit several facilities, except the Lone Tree facility.

Consequently, they have been reviewing an alternative that would relocate some departments into a new 12,000 square foot facility at the Meade County Fairgrounds; the Extension, the Fair Board and the Health Department.  It will include a public community area seating up to 336 with a large kitchen for county and community events as well as sheltering folks in case of a catastrophic event. 

In order to make temporary repairs to the Lone Tree would cost several hundred thousands of dollars, while a complete renovation could vary from $3 Million to $5 Million.  The energy efficiency portion of both the energy projects of existing facilities except Lone Tree, which include the Courthouse, Jail, and EMS/Fire Station will cost approximately $2 Million and the proposed new building approximately $2.6 Million to $2.9 Million.  In other words, all of the projects would not cost more than the estimated total costs of renovating and retrofitting just the old Lone Tree facility.  Plus, it is a way for  the Fair Board to get a new building with an appropriate kitchen to replace their existing old 4-H Building.   

The Meade County Commissioners are requesting all residents of Meade County to provide their feedback to assist them in making their final decisions.  Please complete and forward your Survey Forms today to Meade County Economic Development, PO Box 238, Meade, KS 67864-0238, or scan and email it to meadecountyecodevo@gmail.com, or FAX it to 620.873.8796 or scan and Text it to 620.873.9062.  Also, there are drop boxes outside the Meade County Clerk’s Office and Meade County Economic Development Office in the Meade County Courthouse. Thanks for your feedback… (click HERE to access survey)

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