Let US help YOU start or expand a business in Meade County

We have a collection of information that will help you get started to build or expand a business. We can put you in touch with experts who can help make your business successful.

Need Financing?

Meade County Economic Development Committee, Inc. offers two sources of money to help you start, maintain or expand your business: Micro-Loans and a Revolving Loan Fund.

Rural Business Enterprise Grant Loan Fund: Meade County Economic Development Committee, Inc. has a limited amount of money in this revolving loan fund. Loans are made to Meade County businesses and the money is repaid to the loan fund and is loaned again to businesses. This a good source for money to get a business started.

Low Interest Loans may be available. Make an appointment and let us help you sift through what is available and help you apply.

Need help writing a business plan?

A business plan will be helpful in any attempt to secure financing. It will be the first thing a financial institution will ask for, and it will be the best tool to show that your business idea will be profitable. We can help you write a business plan.

Do you need help finding regulatory information?

You or your employees may need to be certified or licensed to do certain kinds of work. You may be exempt from paying sales taxes or you may have to collect sales taxes from your customers. We can provide you guidance and the forms necessary to comply with federal, state and local government requirements.


For a wealth of information regarding a business in Kansas log onto:

Kansas.gov   |   Kansas Rural Development    |    Kansas Dept. of Commerce 

Fort Hays State Kansas Small Business Development Center

Southwest Kansas Small Business Development Center

Great Plains Development




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